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Don Berta - Drums

Don started playing drums at the age of 12. His first band was called The Trolls, back in 1965. He played 
in The Trolls for about 3 years. Don quit to pursue other interests (get a real job, go to college, raise a family).
Don put his music aside for about 40 years.
He started again when he played an electronic drum set while
on vacation in New York's 1000 Island region in 2001. He retired from Ford Motor Co. after 36 years 
and now has more time to play.
Don was the inspiration for 2nd Time Around, placing a newspaper classified ad, looking for musicians 
who had a passion for 1950s and '60s rock and roll. Some like-minded people answered that ad 
and 2nd Time Around was formed.
Don's musical influences are all percussionists: Pat Cowley (local drummer and good friend),
Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts, Hal Blaine (studio musician), Sandy Nelson and anyone else who plays drums.

Contact Don at

Jim Carges - Lead Guitar / vocals

Jim picked up the guitar in high school playing with "garage bands" in Akron, N.Y. in the late '60s performing at local high school
dances. In college came performing with other students in coffee houses. Late 70's,  he joined a band called Stormin' from
Batavia, N.Y. playing the local area clubs what is now considered "classic rock". 
After personnel changes with Buffalo-area musicians, Stormin' set out on the road playing locally as well as in Ohio, 
Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. As with many bands, this eventually fell apart as musicians went their own way.
After Stormin', Jim laid down his guitar in order to devote himself to raising a family, working full time in the engineering
field in the Rochester, N.Y. area. Although he does not regret his decision, he often thought of starting again and never sold
his favorite '73 Fender Stratocaster.
As his children grew up and he remarried and started a new job back in the Buffalo area, Jim made contact with some former
He soon began to entertain thoughts of rekindling his former passion for the guitar. 
im realized it would be a significant challenge, but with the full support of his loving wife he began to dust off his skills after 
a twenty or so year hiatus.  "After The Storm" was formed for a reunion concert with former Stormin' members, 
followed by a run of playing some local clubs for a year until the venture dissolved. Jim answered a classified ad from
Don Berta looking to form a band and the rest is history. 
Jim enjoys the new "vintage" music of 2nd Time Around and his new friendships.
Contact Jim at

Rich Lucinski - Bass / vocals

Rich fell in love with old-time rock and roll when it was new, collecting 45 rpm records his father brought home from the jukebox at the tavern he ran. Since then, it's been a lifelong love affair with the music of the '50s and '60s.

He learned the bass while in high school, playing with a band called the Loved Ones, working dances and parties in his hometown.

But after high school, life got in the way of music. Rich turned his attention to college, marriage, raising a family and a 35-year career

in broadcast and print journalism. He barely looked at, much less played,  the Gibson EB-0 bass he bought new in 1966.

A rock-and-roll reunion in his hometown of Lewiston, N.Y. in 2005 was the inspiration to pick up the instrument once again.  He had the bass restored and plays it to this day with 2nd Time Around.

Rich's musical influences include some of the architects of rock and roll; Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry,  Little Richard and various Motown artists. To him, playing with 2nd Time Around is a blast back to the past that he hopes will continue for years to come.

Contact Rich at

Bill Hedderich - Vocals, Guitar / various percussion

Bill started out like the his bandmates, playing in a rock band as a teenager in his hometown on Long Island. Bill started out playing bass guitar, but switched to 6 string when he became interested in folk, country, and bluegrass.

After moving to Western New York and raising a family, by the mid 90's Bill was in various bands playing country, rock, and bluegrass. Bill enjoys playing 2nd Time Around's blend of vintage rock and roll, new material,  plus a little country mixed in.

Contact Bill at

Kristine Milks   -  percussion, vocals

Kris’ love of music began at a very young age of 10 when she began singing with a start up folk group, doing weddings, T.V. appearances on local telethons, as well as the weekly folk group mass at her church in Buffalo, NY, with Tony Galla of local Buffalo rock band Raven, and others. She also performed solo at local coffee houses, playing guitar and singing the likes of John Lennon and more.

While raising her two daughters, she moonlighted, performing singing telegrams in person as well as via phone, writing personalized songs for all her customers. In January of 2018 she became involved with ‘2nd Time Around’ Band, booking gigs for them and eventually moved on to doing percussion for the band, as well as vocals and background vocals.

Kris is thoroughly enjoying her ‘2nd Time Around’  adventures.

Contact Kris for booking info also at

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