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The name "2nd Time Around" describes not only our music, but ourselves as musicians as well.

We specialize in the music of the 1950s through the '80s, the true roots of rock and roll.

   Oh, we'll sneak in a few newer ones, some Country and blues, but overall 2nd Time Around is true to the essence of rock and roll. You've heard the term "classic rock," music from the '70s and '80s.

2nd Time Around goes one better.

We call our music "vintage rock."
As musicians, our name is appropriate because for most of us, we're picking up our instruments and exercising our vocal cords after decades of disuse. It's been a wonderful experience, getting together to revive the songs that formed the foundation of the music that followed. And those who listen to us seem to appreciate it as well.The people who were in their teens in that era are taken back in time to relive their youth. One person in the audience at a 2nd Time Around appearance said, "I love it. It makes us feel young again." Meanwhile, younger listeners can't help but feel the beat and experience the music that is the foundation for the rock era that followed.

So please join us for our next performance.

You'll have a great time listening to and dancing to some real rock and roll.

And remember: Rock and Roll is always better the 2nd Time Around.

What's your favorite rock & roll era?
 1950s-early '60s
 British Invasion
 Late '60s

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